The most popular questions regarding virtual numbers to support service:

Is it possible to use the number that you bought earlier once more?

Repeatedly receive SMS again after 20 minutes of the session is impossible for technical reasons. In other words, you cannot re-use the number for another message.

Accepting several sms for virtual numbers, during a session of activations of 20 minutes, perhaps not for all countries.

I took the number, but the SMS did not come, or the number is already registered on the service, the money was withdrawn, and I could not make an account!

If the message with the confirmation code has not arrived, then the money, after the end of the activation session, will return to your balance automatically within 15-20 minutes

Forgot to write down the phone number that you bought, where can I find it?

Go to the “Transaction History” section in the personal account section. You can select the period for which you want to see your activations and below there will be the entire list of activations for the period you specified..

I was banned, why?...?

One of the common reasons for blocking accounts is busting numbers. We prohibit such actions. Our system automatically blocks your account for 60 minutes, if the percentage of successful activations is less than 10%, set up your software so that the% of successful activations is more than 10% and the system will not block you.

There is no necessary service in the list, how to be?

Scroll the “Services” tab window to the end of the list you will see the “Any other” button of the country that provides this service. Countries in which the service "Any other" is presented can be seen in the full list of prices.

The code did not come, how to be?

To begin, we recommend looking for the cause on your side. Try changing the web browser, increase the activation code wait time to 20 minutes, use the numbers of different RF operators, sometimes it helps our users.

If you still have any questions or have any suggestions, we will be happy to read them. To ask a question, use the feedback form below..