Referral program

In 2019, we increased the number of rooms in different countries. In this regard, we need new customers, so meet the referral system in which you can earn on attracting customers.

The essence of the system

Each client can use a referral link:

The client receives deductions in the amount of 10% of the user's expenses for 6 months, who registered after clicking on his referral link.

Developer? For you affiliate program.

Work mechanism

  • Copy the referral link above;
  • We place the link on our traffic sources;
  • In the office we get statistics, how much each client brought;
  • Withdraw money without Commission to the card, WebMoney. kiwi and other electronic money, or credited to the balance of your account on our website

Examples of referral link distribution

  • Inviting friends and acquaintances;
  • Creating instruction videos with a link under the video;
  • Creating articles and instruction articles with a link in the article;
  • Distribution of links on forums, in comments to thematic articles and posts in social networks;
  • Placing links on their pages in social networks;
  • Any other traffic channels;


Reward - 10% of the amount spent by the attracted client. Interest is accrued within 6 months from the date of registration of the client. The program includes numbers of all countries.

The advantages of the referral system:

  • Free schedule and conditionally passive income;
  • Little competition in this area. Articles and video reviews are not difficult to promote TO the top..

If you have any questions please write to support the site.