I received a number, but when I enter it when registering a VC, the system writes that the number is already taken. Why?

The fact is that if a person registered the VC page on the phone, but then stopped using his sim card, the operator will transfer this phone number for use to the new subscriber. However, the VC will still ban registration to this number, although the person thinks that he has acquired a new SIM card. Here we see a similar picture. Cancel the order and try to get another number.

I received a code, but it does not fit, you made a mistake and gave me the wrong code, return the money!

If the code came, then we consider your activation paid, regardless of whether it came up to you or not, because we cannot verify this. If the code does not fit you, you can press the retry button and request another code for this number - it is free, you can do so many times, we have no restrictions on SMS from one service to one number.

I registered a page / account a few hours / days / months ago, now I need to take another SMS to this number. How to be?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get a second SMS on our website, because we run a large number of numbers per day and keeping them in an orderly manner is an extremely time-consuming task.

How to change the password? I suspect that my account has been hacked.

If you doubt that you are using your account alone, then write about this in technical support - we will "freeze" the account until the password is changed. To change the password on your own, go to the "Account Settings" tab, enter the old password and type a new one twice.

I replenished the balance, but the money for the account has not been received. What to do?

Payment is not credited instantly. In some cases, the term of enrollment may take several hours. In any case, your money will not be lost anywhere, if you think that something has gone wrong, then write to an online consultant.

Can I rent phone numbers?

Our project is designed in such a way that you do not buy SMS, but rent a room for 15 minutes for a particular service. During this time you can receive an unlimited number of SMS. If you are interested in renting for a longer period, for example, for 1 week, then there is no such service on our project. However, in the near future, this feature will be implemented.

Will you have an affiliate program for developers?

Yes, we have an affiliate program. Conditions for each developer are individual and negotiated with each separately. For a cooperation offer, write to us.

General information for MANDATORY review

Please note that the following rules apply to our project.:

Administrators and moderators are always right in any cases, no need to contradict, insult or call them names. Otherwise, you will be banned forever without refund.

Any information that is presented on the page in the FAQ and API can be changed without the consent / notification / warning, all registered users on the project without exception!

All prices provided on the project can be changed individually without notice.

If you do not agree with any information on the page, something annoys you and (or) causes hatred, we recommend that you close the tab in the browser with our project and never open it again.

If you have constructive criticism, any suggestion or request, we will read with all pleasure our team, write through the feedback form.